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April 2003 - How Do You Spell S-E-X?

Fun in the Tub

When the bed gets boring, tempt your partner into the tub with a handmade bath bomb from LUSH. Drop the aphrodisiac bomb Tisty Tosty into your steaming bath and watch with excitement as this heart-shaped, epsom salt bomb fizzes, then releases seven real rosebuds and a heady rose scent. Or, share a romantic bath floating in Softy’s warming combo of rose absolute and ylang ylang. If roses don’t have you seeing red, take a dip amidst a sea of flowers — Florabundance could be your next heart’s desire with its mix of geranium flowers, deep blue color and many flower petals. Also try the luxurious Prince of Bathness or any of LUSH’s handmade bath bombs, available at www.lush.com or by phone (1-888-733-5874).

Pucker Up!

Kick the lip gloss habit? Impossible, thanks to Pussy Pucker Pots, 100% natural, vegan Ladylicious Lip Balms. Candililla wax, almond oil and vitamin E are at the tip of your tongue in 12 juicy flavors, including: Chocolate Nipple Ripple, Vanilla Vulva and Muffberry. How can you not say yum? Pussy Pucker Pots promise “The Tastiest Lips North of the Hips.” So put some sex positive, feminist principles where your mouth is and pucker up! Available at www.pussypuckerpots.com.

I Cum in Peace

Feel like you’re not doing enough to declare your views on our current state of war? Then it’s time to let your fingers do the talking by masturbating for peace. At masturbateforpeace.com, visitors are invited to sign the peace pledge, submit peace poetry, and most of all “Give your Bush the Finger” in the name of peace. Of course, we highly doubt the prez is going to notice where we’ve got our fingers, but it can’t hurt to try. So, wear your “I Cum in Peace” T-shirt with pride. Or get four different Masturbate for Peace bumper stickers, including “My Bush Doesn’t Declare War” and “Touch your Sack, Not Iraq” for $12 at www.masturbateforpeace.com.

Get Ready to Get Wet!

Looking for something a little more entertaining than a rubber ducky during bath time? Fill up the tub, add bubbles and check out Rub’a’Dub Dice. Two Styrofoam floating dice, Rub’a’Dub Dice have words like kiss, caress, nuzzle and lick on one dice and thighs, back, neck and your choice on the other — simply roll the dice and let the games begin! Warning: it can be challenging to perform certain moves in a regulation-size bath tub, but the cramped quarters can lead to some interesting new positions. Rub’a’Dub dice are the perfect erotic accessory for water lovers. Available at www.wonderfullywackie.com for $7 a pair.

Playing with the Queen of Hearts

Up the ante with a deck of Textanudes 54: Post Modern Pin-Up Playing Cards. The limited edition card deck by Australian Artist, Arlene Texta Queen, features 54 different women “drawn naked in their own habitat.” The models even collaborate with Arlene on their own illustration by choosing location and accessories. The poses reflect each woman’s persona and the accompanying quote is taken directly from conversations during the modeling session. The deck was created as part of an event at the 2002 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The limited edition set includes a booklet detailing the life stories of each model. For more information, visit www.textanudes.com.

A few of your favorite things

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