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November / December 2002 - Food for Thought

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Letters to the Editor
Nervy Girl is Hiring


A Defining Ingredient :Nervy Girl!�s guide to your best friend�s food

Second Nature? :The Question of Genetically Engineered Foods

Moveable Feast Myths and misconceptions of famine

Milk: Does it �do a body good?�

Mother�s Milk Best for mom, best for baby

Target Market:How food marketers convince us to buy - and eat - their products

For women only Products �specially formulated for women� are cashing in

Breaking BreadCommunity kitchens are about much more than food

Very Vegetarian Nervy Girl! interviews Carol Adams

Breaking BreadNervy Girl! interviews Carol Adams

ASTRO bites

Arts and Entertainment


Dining Alone, Beverly Christy-Vitale

Fear of Moose Liver, Nancy Woods


Cajun Shrimp Bacchanal, Karen Braucher

Damn his Frigid Mistress!


Cooking the Books

Food Flicks

Music Reviews

The Regulars

Nervy Girl! Mailbox


The Gee Spot

Show Us Your Briefs

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