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January 2003 - Check Your Head

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Uncle Zach's Earth Friendly

Table of Contents


14 Harmful to the Heart by Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon
Drugs Prescribed to Schizophrenic Women Might be Lethal

16 And Justice For All? by Leah Bobal
Supreme Court to revisit death penalty for the mentally ill

22 Driven by the Brain or by the Balls? by Gina Daggett
Nervy Girl�s Staff Sexologist Ima Sexpert talks about attraction & arousal

26 Let the Pictures Do the Talking by Jodi Helmer
Find out how art therapy is helping women beat the blues

30 And Baby Makes Blue by Brigitte Aflalo-Calderon and Sarah Gray Steiner
Understanding Post-partum Depression Disorder

32 Well-heeled by Becky Brun
Go for a walk with Psychiatric Service Dogs

33 Woman�s Best Friend by Teddy Knight
A tail of two spayed females

The Regulars

3 Editor�s Note

4 NG Mailbox

8 The Gee Spot

10 Show Us Your Briefs

18 Outspoken

20 Directions

21 Wanderlust

47 Open Book

48 Tunes


36 Maverick Publishing, San Francisco Style by Lisa Radon
A profile of underground publisher Manic D Press


39 Elvis and Me by Libby Ellis


40 Ode to a Betel Chew and Kapparot by Willa Schneberg


42 Coming of Age by Eden Robins

44 Diagnosis by Kristin Walrod

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