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News Flash! Nervy Girl�s got the cash!

Thanks to all of the support from our volunteer writers and artists over the past two years, we at Nervy Girl can finally do what we�ve been aiming for all along: we can offer our writers and artists the big bucks!

Ok, so they�re not really big bucks -- we are still a labor of love, after all! -- but we are happy to finally be able to give back a little thank you to all those who continue to fill our pages with smart, thought-provoking words and pictures. Feature and news articles will pay $25 -100, and creative works will earn you between $5 - 30. Even artists can get in on the cash - we offer between $5 and $50 for drawings, photographs, and other visuals.

So, thanks to all who�ve donated your time and words for the past two years - we couldn�t have done it without you. And now, take five minutes to query us so you don�t miss out on this new adventure as Nervy Girl goes ever-forward!

The University of Iowa's article on Nervy Girl!

Rolling Thunder, Here We Come!

Nervy Girl! is attending the 2002 Seattle Rolling Thunder Fair( We were too excited by the idea of 10,000 activists getting together for a day of workshops, networking, and fun in the sun, to miss it. You can find us under the Yes! Magazine tent. Look for the giant floating globe. We�ll be there with Technodyke t-shirts, Nervy Girl t-shirts, back issues, stickers, and a FREE RAFFLE. I even hear a rumor there�ll be free cookies. Drop by and introduce yourself.

Portland Zine Symposium - Wall to Wall Creativity

Nervy Girl! helped sponsor the Portland Zine Symposium, organized and directed by the Independent Press Resource Center ( We had a blast at our table, meeting writers and publishers from all over the country. Kristin Schuchman sat on a panel discussion about publishing during the second day. The PSU Smith Center was crawling with creativity. While current political trends to limit civil rights are worth concern, when you look around a room filled with over 100 self-published zines you can�t help but be proud of our free speech and free press rights. This vibrant alternative dialogue is one of the great parts of America.

The Oregonian Checks Out Nervy Girl!

The Oregonian did a review of Nervy Girl! in the spring of 2002.

Utne Reader Says Nervy Girl! is the Best New Title in 2001

Click here to read see the Utne Reader site.

�Nervy Girl! is a great example of creative, beyond-the-mainstream thinking, and we are proud to honor it.� - Jay Walljasper, Utne Reader Editorial Director

The Portland Business Journal's coverage of the Unte Reader award:

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