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Why Advertise with Nervy Girl! Magazine?
Wondering how to reach smart women in a progressive city? Nervy Girl Magazine is read by 42,000 college-educated women, and they control 80% of the buying decisions in their households. Is your product perfect for thoughtful, active and aware women ages 20 to 50? Do you know that your customer base is interested in more than makeup tips and celebrity relationships? You need to advertise in Nervy Girl!

Nervy Girl is a monthly magazine based in Portland, Oregon. It�s for women with courage and intelligence, so the articles cover a wide spectrum of topics, including science, the arts, health, travel and, yes, even news. Nervy Girl profiles women who break the mold, take chances, and step forward to make positive change in their communities, causes, and careers. Stories are locally and nationally appealing and invite women to respond and engage in an interactive forum of ideas. Shouldn't more of these women be your customers?

Nervy Girl is distributed in bookstores, cafes, radio stations, natural food stores and women�s centers. Check out our complete distribution list. The magazine moves so fast, but you can always request a sample issue by calling our main number at 503-25-NERVY. If you would like a media kit, and a sample issue, please let us know.

There are two advertising options,
Digital Format
  • Either Mac or Windows file format.
  • Acceptabel file types:
    • Rasterized .EPS
    • .PDF
    • Quark Xpress document (please include all fonts and graphics with the file)
  • Include a hard copy of the ad, which we can scan if there are problems with the digital file.
Camera Ready Format
  • A high quality black and white copy printed on RC paper
  • A high resolution laser copy.


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