Dear Contributor: Thanks for your interest in Nervy Girl Magazine. Nervy Girl is a publication geared toward women, but not in the traditional sense of the word. We don’t offer ten steps to thinner thighs or the top three ways to make a guy fall for you, and we’ll never, ever tell you which shade of lipstick to wear. There are tons of magazines that do that already.

Instead, we offer articles, columns and creative pieces that women (and men!) can sink their teeth into. Our goal at Nervy Girl is to provide thought-provoking, intelligent articles that encourage women to think critically, take action and make bold decisions about their lives.

In the past, Nervy Girl has covered online communities where anorexics find support in their quest for thinness, the inherent hazards of women’s work, and the market for mail-order brides. But not all of our content is heavy-handed: we’ve also taken a look at the twenty-something blahs, the comedic women we love and a 15-year-old girl who just published her first book. Plus, every issue includes essays, poetry and fiction that just may change your mind - or your life.

Does this sound like a magazine you’d like to write for? Then read on. We want to see your words, artwork and photographs in Nervy Girl.

Nervy Girl! editors prefer to assign pieces based on queries. Queries are simply short idea proposals. Essays, poetry, fiction and art are an exception to this rule, but for all other genres, please send a query. See Deadlines & Themes for information on query due dates.

Query Format
Please send a well thought-out idea, including prospective interviews or research sources. One or two paragraphs should be plenty. If you are sending your completed piece, as in the case of poetry or fiction for example, please be sure it is your final draft.

Include a short bio about your writing experience and/or previous publication credits. We've run pieces from lots of first time writers, so don't be too intimidated by this. We would also enjoy any art and photo suggestions to accompany your written piece.

Mail Queries
If you are mailing a hard copy query, address it to:

Nervy Girl!
P.O. Box 16601
Portland, OR 97292

Email Queries
If you are emailing an electronic query put the name of the appropriate editor and the topic of your piece in the subject of your message. (e.g. "A&E: Breast Cancer essay")

Address submissions to:
[email protected]

Nervy Girl! has four loosely defined genres.
Features are carefully researched, well-rounded pieces that run between 1,000 and 2,000 words. They are the main staples of each issue - past features have included everything from women body builders to sex work to polyamory.
News articles and briefs contain timely information on topics and trends of interest to women that are often overlooked by mainstream media. News articles typically run 500 - 1,000 words; briefs between 50 and 200 words.
Arts and Entertainment
Arts and Entertainment pieces are variable in length and scope, including essays, reviews, flash fiction, poetry, photo essays or prose. They may also be cartoons, photographs and drawings.
Other pieces include our Out Spoken section (short rants/raves about a topic); Our Directions section (Do it Yourself - everything from Sex Toys 101 to how to register to vote), our Open Book section (short 50 - 100 word reviews from our readers on books, zines and websites) and our Baby Got Back (Page) (short pieces that offer a final statement to each issue - can be a funny photograph, a cartoon, a short written piece - whatever!).

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