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March / April 2002 - Working Women

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Work it, girl: Where women stand in the work-a-day world

Power per-suit: The many faces of professional feminity

Changing the world, zero dollars at a time

CAUTION: Woment Working: Health hazards on the job

Mississippi Delta Blues: One Nervy Girl fights poverty in the South

Behind the Zines: Young writer captures high school days with her first book, Please Don't Kill the Freshman


Rosie the Riveter-Revisited
Dar la Luz
New to the Company
Reflecting on a Business Retreat


Discovery: Need a Financial Makeover
Out and About : Digital Dinosaurs
Herstory: Code word: Ada


Feminist Sweepstakes, Le Tigre
Strange Little Girls, Tori Amos

The Price of Motherhood, Ann Crittenden
Hands to Work: The Stories of Three Families Racing the Welfare Clock, LynNell Hancock

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