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September / October - Crime

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Letters to the Editor
Nervy Girl is Hiring


Unforgettable hatred:Is feminism ignoring intersex victims of hate crime

Small Packages:An ex-con cleans up her act

It's a diry job...and the ladies of BIo-Clean are doin' it

The right to fight:To break the law or not break the law

Spies like us:Famous women spies tell all!

City of lost daughters:An international community continues to search

Bad Girls:Female crime fighers get down to business

Beyond bars:WEFT helps women suceed on the other side of the fence

Arts and Entertainment

Fiction and Essays:

Boys and chickens

Speeding ticket

Time flies when you're stealing tongue depressors




Happy Rhodes, Many Worlds are Born tonight

Ruther Hunter and Ruthie Donerfeld, rue balkan

The Regulars


The Gee Spot

Show Us Your Briefs

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